• Conformed to His Image

    My son, give me thine heart,
    and let thine eyes observe my ways.
    Proverbs 23:26

    A godly father would want his children to follow his example however, he knows that he is but dust and will show weakness and at times, his sins will be evident. Parents should be a godly specimen of total dependence on God and going to Him in prayer during those times of weakness and confession of sins. They should even see mom and dad calling upon Him for help in all situations, sickness, wisdom and instruction. Teaching our children to praise God in good and difficult times which shows their love and honor to their Heavenly Father. It is a wonderful thing when children see their parents sharing Christ with a lost person and helping others in their time of need no matter who they are. Children are often just like their parents in many ways and that comes by them observing and imitating their parents.

    Now let us hear our Father God speak these words to us that Solomon wrote in our text. When God gets full control upon our lives is when we have given Him our whole heart. That’s not such a horrible thing to do, after all, He gave us His Son to pay our entire sin debt, saved our souls from the torment of eternal death and is preparing a place for us in His heaven. We should be more than willing to give Him our lives to use as He pleases. We can observe His ways by spending quality time in His Word and using our spiritual eyes to see Him working behind the scenes. To observe His ways is to know that His ways are not ours so we must not conjure up the way we think we ought to go but just to follow His, even if it seems ridiculous. As we observe His ways it teaches us how we are to treat others with kindness, compassion and forgiveness. If all we do is observe the ways of ungodly media, movies and music we will never be conformed to His image for others to see Christ in us. (Reference Romans 8:29)