• Good Pride and Bad Pride

    Pride goeth before destruction,
    and an haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly,
    than to divide the spoil with the proud

    Proverbs 16:18-19

    Adding salt to food will enhance its flavor but, don’t add too much. Most people have pride within them for their achievements; this enhances their self-esteem. When a person wants to be a nurse or doctor, it requires a lot of time in study and endurance to earn their degree. When they complete their studies and pass the tests and are given their certificate, it is okay to be proud of themselves. But, if that pride swells their head, they can be unbearable. The same is true in anything in life; we all need to have some healthy pride to develop a healthy self-esteem. Those that lack self-worth often will not try to accomplish anything for they believe they will fail. If Lucifer would have quit looking into the mirror to see his beauty, if he would have stopped being puffed up by his musical ability and would have praised and thanked his Creator instead of trying to exalt himself above God, he would not have been kicked out of God’s Heaven. But no, his pride was his downfall and ever since then, he stirs and spreads the pride of arrogance into the lives of countless victims.

    One who is haughty is like the Pharisee that looked down his nose at who he considers were the “little people.” We’ve all seen this type and we need not to imitate them in any way; they make a good example of what not to be. God’s Word never returns void and since it says there will be destruction and a fall, it will come at some time in their life. As it has been said, “they will get knocked down a few pegs.” A humble and teachable spirit is a characteristic that will carry you a long way. People work better together when this type of spirit rules their attitudes. One of the things we learn in life is just how ignorant we really are because, in these days there is so much we do not know. So, it is better to be of a humble and have a teachable spirit than to run with the conceited. They may look at you as the Pharisee does but in the end, their opinion of you doesn’t matter whatsoever. What does matter is what you were able to teach others and what they can teach you. To divide the spoil with other proud people starts arguments and fights for they all feel they deserve more than anyone else so, stay clear of them in all situations so they don’t drag you into their depraved mindset; that’s what happened to all the angels that followed Lucifer who is the founder of destructive pride.