January 9th Speaker: Perry Clark, Founder of Truly Reaching You

I spent ten years of my life (from 1987 to 1997) “on the inside,” for mistakes I made as a young man. During this period of deep self-reflection, I developed a greater appreciation for freedom and the truly important things in life. Guided by a strong sense of faith and self-discipline, I made a commitment to become a better son to my mother, a better brother to my siblings, a better father to my children and a good neighbor to the people in my community.

During my time “on the inside,” I was also greatly impacted by the opportunity to lead a team of men in a vocational training program. Over the course of three years, our team rehabilitated 11 homes as part of a community service project in the Mansfield area. This program gave me the opportunity to build a foundation of skills and leadership that has guided my work for years.

Scheduled for this year

September     Chris Milo
October          Mens Rally
November      John Davison
December      Steve Nelson
January          Perry Clark
February        Tom Pendergrass
March             Dave Horner
April                (tba)
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