• Believe it or Not

    The rich and poor meet together:
    the LORD is the maker of them all

    Proverbs 22:2

    Go ahead and believe that there is no God. Live your life in such a way that all creation came to be through an explosion in the cosmos. Hold to your belief that man evolved from a glob of slime and was able to reproduce after his own kind. Throw away the accounts written and preserved for hundreds and even thousands of years as if they are fables. Put down and mock that there is a Christ that holds the universe together and that was born of a virgin and was beaten, mocked, striped of His garments and suspended between heaven and earth to pay your sin debt. Join the unbelievers that deny the need to be born again. Make fun of those that gather together in worship of the Almighty. Hold to your belief that you are your own god and that there is no eternity to be in heaven or hell and that like a dead animal, when you die, it is all over. Believe the agnostics and the atheists and claim their doctrine as sound.

    But understand that one day and in a split second of time all of your man-made ideas and beliefs will be unraveled and that hell is real and that there is an Almighty Creator. Every rich person that believed there is no God will find themselves in torment with the poor that didn’t believe in the Lord their Maker either. Reject the facts preserved in the written Word of God while you are alive, but be sure to know your foundation of all the theories you have embraced will fall like the walls of Jericho. You will then know who your Maker is and fear will grip you like an iron fist with never a moment of relief ever again. You will not be able to pry away from death’s hold on you as you make payment for your sins and for rejecting the Saviour that came to die in your place on Golgotha and rose from the dead with the keys of hell and death.

    You will meet your Maker one day and stand before Him when He must pass righteous judgment and then eternal death will drag you away to that horrible pit of darkness, fire and torment forever. The rich and poor that figured they didn’t need God will wish that they had not ignored their Maker in life and both will know that death is an equalizer; God has seen to that and as Mr. Ripley said, “believe it or not.”