• Soon Our Faith Will be Sight

    When the wicked cometh, then cometh also contempt,
    and with ignominy reproach
    Proverbs 18:3

    Let us learn what is meant by Solomon when he refers to people as being “wicked.” In the Hebrew, as this has been written, the word of identity means to be morally wrong; that in itself isn’t good. But it has other characteristics within it such as an actively bad person, guilty, ungodly and condemned. We know that these people exist all about us and in these uncertain days, months and years ahead we must be vigilant and trust God for His instructions on how to deal with it. Solomon gives us a warning about these wicked people when they come. We get the idea of a band of wicked people coming at us with weapons, words of hate and a battle to engage us in. They never come unless they have a plan and purpose to work their wickedness.

    The wicked come with contempt otherwise known as disrespect. Who do they disrespect? Because of those who are contrary to them and their beliefs. It makes no difference who they deal their disrespect out to. The wall of honor, respect and decency has been nearly torn down and we see innocent people being insulted, hurt and hated. Solomon goes on a tells us that along with their contempt they bring ignominy reproach; this is disgrace, confusion and dishonor. It seems today that we are no longer surprised by all of this unfolding right before our eyes and ears. The wicked have come and reinforcements are right behind them with their ideas and the desire to root up all that is good and decent. This world is not the believer’s home; one day we will be at our eternal home in Heaven with or Lord and Saviour. Don’t lose faith or hope for He told us these days of evil would come first and then Jesus will come quickly in the clouds and take us to glory. The shadows of prophecies have passed over us and soon our faith will be sight. The wicked will be given their eternal reward as well but not what many expect it will be. Pray for the wicked that they may see the Light of truth and holiness and be saved.